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Welcome to your
  Yoga Adventure!

Discover this amazing tool
and unleash your potential


I'm Georgi, a passionate Yoga teacher born in Argentina, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


I've been practising Yoga for more than 10 years and I absolutely love it!

It's unbelievable the amount of benefits you can get from this powerful discipline ( both physical and mental).


I've discovered while practising that we can learn how to actively listen and therefore, continue learning about ourselves. This is something we can cultivate as an ongoing cycle to help us grow.


My main goal is to share this practice and make it accessible for everyone.

If you never practiced before and you are interested in improving your body strength/flexibility or if you already have experience and want to go deeper in the practice, I will be able to guide you through it. I can adapt easily and will try my best to make you feel comfortable.

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Let's learn together and make our Yoga practice as fruitful and fun as it can be!

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Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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